There was absolutely no way I could let National Taco Day slip by without giving you a round-up of some of my all-time favorite taco places. If you’re not in Georgia, it’s okay! I am going to include some of my favorite Taco Recipes too!

Tacos have been a long-time favorite in our house. When we were in San Diego last year, it took everything in me to not eat them every single meal, and we often have to barter on not going to eat Mexican food for date night… I have a little bit of an obsession. We even have this shirt in our shop for my absolute love of tacos.

There’s no particular order to our favorite taco joints below because sometimes my mood really affects where I want to get tacos from. The atmosphere, type of chips and queso, etc. haha. I realize I sound like a freak, although I feel there are a few of you who relate completely. Without further adieu, here is the lineup.

Favorite Restaurants

  • Taqueria del Sol – This place is so great and popular, they opened a second. The line is usually out the door before it opens, so we like to get there early. The salsa trio is incredible and my favorite tacos include the Memphis and the Brisket. It’s also relatively cheap. We’re talking you walk out spending less than $30 on a date night cheap.
  • Superica – I’m a big fan of the Krog Street location. The atmosphere and loud music are great. As for tacos, the best are the Tacos de Barbacoa, and I know this isn’t a taco, but the skirt steak fajitas are really amazing. Plus, the queso is outstanding. Just a really fun place to go.
  • Tacos Del Chavo – I really have to be in the mood to eat here because it’s completely outdoors and more taco truck style. These tacos are about as authentic as you are going to get in Georgia (I realize we’re not in Texas folks, so it’s hard to compete), but these really are amazing. It’s a hole in the wall for sure, but if you can get past that, it’s really a treat.
  • La Fonda – Okay, I have to admit, I usually order a Cuban sandwich here because they are amazing, but they do offer some great tacos and Mexican options. It’s definitely worth a visit or two.
  • No Mas – This place is huge and has a beautiful patio. The fish tacos are to die for, and there are so many other great options on the menu. Actually, the menu is huge so you might have a hard time deciding… Its one of the top Mexican restaurants in Atlanta for sure.
  • Bartaco – I’m going to be honest, but I left a tad bit hungry because of the portions, but their Baja fish taco is incredible and the atmosphere makes up for the lack of food. It’s such a cute place to go with friends.
  • Taqueria Tsunami – Sometimes I am in the mood for tacos that are less Mexican and more Asian fusion, and this is the perfect place for that. For here, don’t think authentic Mexican food, think more creative and fusion. I usually get the Tsunami trio with a Baja Fish and Shrimp Tempura taco, accompanied by the tots and queso or guacamole.

Best Taco Recipes

We make tacos at home quite a bit in addition to visiting the amazing restaurants above. Below are a few of my favorite recipes. I will say, toppings are KEY! You need to have good toppings and you have to have well-marinated meat. It makes a world of difference.

There you have it! All my favorite tacos in one post! Well, the ones in Georgia at least…

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I hope you have a great day and enjoy all the chips and queso!

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