So I am sure a few of you were wondering why we chose New York to do a “babymoon”. We had a few places on our list, London, Paris, Arizona, Oregon or back out to California, but to be honest, timing just didn’t work in our favor.

We wanted to wait and take both the boys to Europe and do a big Arizona trip when they are old enough to appreciate the Grand Canyon, so those two were out. The other places didn’t seem to work out as far as weather goes. I really like to visit places when it isn’t going to be raining the whole time, and with December birthdays and not being able to take a plane two months before Jettson gets here, we decided November would be the best time.

I’ve always wanted to visit New York in the fall and Ian has only been once, so we decided it would be perfect for a long weekend trip. Plus, we’d be in the same timezone and wouldn’t have to worry about leaving Cove for too many days. This was honestly the longest I had left him, and it was hard on both of us, although, we both did better after we got there.

I am so glad we ended up going, though. It was really great to get away just the two of us. New York in the fall is just so dreamy, cold, but dreamy! I’m sharing a few of the things we did this go around below. In total, we stayed in the city for four days. Ian found a cute boutique hotel called the Arlo, which has these cozy bed nooks. I’ve typically stayed in or near Times Square every time I have visited, but we really wanted to stay away from the crazy and loved Soho, so the Arlo Soho was perfect.

We received New York City Passes, which we truly put to good use. Every great attraction is available on the passes + you often get fast passes to skip long waiting lines. We used them here in Atlanta and loved them. I highly recommend it if you are planning on seeing more than 3 of the attractions because you save up to 42%.

In order to make it simpler, I made a list of some of our favorite attractions we visited and restaurants with quick details you may want to know.


  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum – I can still remember visiting the World Trade Center when my dad worked around the corner. They have done a wonderful job at honoring those who served and those who lost their lives that day, and I highly recommend going. My eyes were filled with tears walking through the museum.
  • Top of the Rock – My all-time favorite view of New York! We always plan on going right before sunset so we can see it set over the city. I highly recommend going early to save your spot. We had to go three times because they were completely booked for the rest of the day!
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art – This was my first time going, and it was breathtaking. We could have spent an entire day here, but we stayed most of the morning escaping the cold weather. There are beautiful views of Central Park after you are done gawking at all the art.
  • American Museum of Natural History – We were like big kids wandering around through here. I loved the space exhibit and Ian and I both fell in love with the dinosaurs, wishing we had Cove with us so we could hear him say WOAH! over and over.
  • The Empire State Building – I mean… there is the whole romance factor of it, but it truly is a beautiful view.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – We decided to walk across the bridge into Dumbo and it was so worth it. I would have loved to do it more than once.
  • Central Park – There is so much to do and see in Central Park, but just start by strolling through and getting lost when you can.
  • Dumbo This was my first time visiting Dumbo, and I LOVED it. It was so cute and we went at sunset so we could see the sun setting over the city. There is a cute park right next to the Hudson and little shops and cafes you can stop at. I also thought the indoor glass carousel was super cute too. Perfect place for a stroll.
  • Chelsea Market – Great food and indoor shopping, extremely busy though.
  • The High Line – We didn’t get to make it up this time. Well, we sort of did, but it was so windy and absolutely freezing that we had to get off because we felt like we were going to blow away. Last time we went it, was so fun to see all the views and cute art along the way. You can hop on right outside of Chelsea Market.
  • 5th Avenue – Even if you are not planning on shopping, it’s something to see.
  • Grand Central Station – So beautiful on the inside and always a fun place to stop for Shake Shack.
  • Time Square – I will be honest, Ian and I usually don’t last very long here at all. But I feel like we have to go and walk through it at least once at night every time we visit.
  • Soho – Adorable corners, great shopping, great food. Probably one of our favorite places to hang out in New York. Doesn’t feel as crowded as everywhere else either.


  • Toloache – You all know I love Tacos and good Mexican food. This place is delicious. The last time, we stopped here before going to see a show on Broadway. Make sure you make a reservation.
  • Black Seed Bagels – We stopped here one morning before shopping and it was delicious. Not your typical bagel, but baked fresh and so many great options.
  • Waffles & Dinges – Super fun and delicious waffles with lots of toppings. We always like going to the food truck outside of Macy’s Herald Square and eating outside instead of going to the restaurant. It’s our favorite.
  • Black Tap – Ridiculous Milkshakes. I mean ridiculous. We didn’t get one when we went, but they looked incredible. The burgers were delicious. It was super close to the Arlo as well. We walked to dinner that night. Definitely plan on a wait unless you get lucky like we did and went for an early dinner and someone got up from the bar right when we walked up.
  • Le Pain – I realize most New Yorkers would probably judge me for this. It’s a chain restaurant, but Ian and I loved stopping in and ordering open-faced sandwiches and soups, pretending like we were in France.
  • Shake Shack – I feel like you have to eat here if you are visiting. They put one in Atlanta, but still it’s not the same…
  • Carmines – Huge portions of Italian food. It is a great little stop off of Time Square.
  • Los Tacos – Located in Chelsea Market, this place is known for it’s amazing tacos and the line shows it. Plan on waiting.
  • La Colombe – Amazing coffee. We had one at our hotel and one down the street.
  • Joes Coffee – We stopped here at Bryant Park and looked around the little Christmas market. It was so dreamy as we sipped our hot beverages watching everyone skate around the outdoor skating rink.
  • Dominque Ansel Bakery – A friend actually told us about this place while we were there, but we didn’t make it during the trip.
  • These restaurants barely scrap the surface of all there is to eat in New York, but they are ones I can vouch for so that is why I included them :).

Let me know if you have any questions about what to do or see!

**Thank you to CityPass for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

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