Ever since I was pregnant with Cove, we made it a little family tradition to go walk around and look at the Christmas trees. We usually go the weekend right after Thanksgiving and sip on Hot Chocolate or Cider and buy some fresh garland or a wreath to make the house smell nice. It’s so fun to see how each year our family has grown and how blessed we are. Cove has loved running around and hiding in the trees the past two years, and it’s surreal to think we will have another little boy in the mix the next time. You can see pictures from the past two years HERE (when I was pregnant with Cove) and HERE (when he was just over a year old).

I know I have mentioned it before, but this Christmas has been so much simpler than years past. We haven’t done as much decor, we’ve tried to be intentional about our days and presence with each other and just kind of declutter the whole holiday madness. With two December birthdays, we really have to force ourselves to slow down and enjoy little moments so that the month doesn’t just fly by in a blink.

This year, experiencing Christmas through Cove’s eyes has been one of the greatest gifts I could have ever been given. He loves the lights, the music, the food – ALL of it! It makes it so much more fun than any Christmas I’ve ever had, and I’m just so grateful for it.

I know all of you reading are not mothers… so please disregard if it doesn’t apply. Or go ahead and read it, because it may not only apply to motherhood but to life in general.

I don’t know if it’s because I am about to make the jump from one to two little ones and pregnancy makes your mind run a thousand miles an hour, while your body is waiting to catch up. Maybe its because we’ve hit what people call the “terrible twos” or because I simply have it on my heart, but I wanted to share some thoughts on motherhood with you.

The word motherhood is filled with HUGE opposites and emotions.

It’s the best thing and one of the hardest.

It makes you feel completely inadequate and at the same time, makes your heart feel completely full.

It can make you feel like a hero one minute and a failure the next.

It makes you patient on one end and then like your losing your mind.

Your sacrificial then incredibly selfish.

It’s one of the loneliest jobs ever, but you’re never really alone.

You experience joy, heartache, tears from laughter then crying from frustration.

You’re full of life and completely and utterly exhausted.

It really doesn’t matter how glamorous or perfect one mom looks to you. They’ve all had their fair share of temper tantrums, tears and failures because none of us are perfect, and contrary to what some mothers may believe, your kids aren’t either.

You know what motherhood isn’t?

It isn’t a place for people to point fingers to make themselves feel better.

It isn’t a place for judgment where you give 9,000 opinions on how things should be done, unless someones asking.

It isn’t a place for you to say someone is making a mistake with their kid because they aren’t doing what you are doing.

Motherhood isn’t about perfection.

It isn’t even always about you.

It’s about the job God’s entrusted you to do, and the specific kids you’ve been given. Not your neighbors or your nieces and nephews or the girl down the street. It’s about so much more than ourselves. It’s about the hearts and minds we’ve been given to cultivate. It’s about trusting God to give you strength and lead you EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not just the hard days. Not just on the days your losing your mind. It’s about believing and seeking truth, while learning who to take advice from and when to take it. You have to distinguish what wisdom is right and what is just people not learning to mind their own business.

And at the end of the day, it’s about what truly matters – the life or lives your raising, guiding, disciplining and shaping. Children can be very forgiving if you’re honest when you mess up.

Motherhood is the walk of many, but only you can walk your path, in your specific way, to make it work. So remember God gave you the special ones you have for a reason, and you are exactly what they need.

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