With all this warm weather and long sunny days, we’re on summer time. The days go by so fast with little ones, and I hope that I remember every single moment of this time when he’s all grown up. I’ve been working on keeping quick notes on my phone of things and mental moments or pictures that I want to remember forever. They are just ordinary days or moments, but to me, they are the things I thank God for every night.

We’re up at 7 am every day and ready for breakfast and a full day of adventures. Cove has just started on solids, and LOVES them. We have only tried a few different types of food, but so far, we haven’t found anything he doesn’t like. Every time he takes a bite, he makes a sweet little hum and grins.  After our morning nap, were usually at the pool or hanging out at the park with our friends. He’s not swimming yet, but he loves to splash around and watch the water move. Our neighborhood pool has a wave/kid play area. We usually go and let the water splash over our legs. Some days, we just make our way to the little baby pool in our backyard for a splashing party all to ourselves. As soon as he sees the bright blue pool his legs start kicking. Once we turn on the Munchkin bubble machine, he’s pretty much content just sitting there playing until it’s time for another nap.

There will be a day he’s not interested in playing with his momma. So for now, I’ll soak up the days of him learning every little new thing, looking at me every few seconds to make sure I’m still there, and him laughing because I’m the funniest person he knows.

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Munchkin WEB 7_3144
Munchkin WEB 8_3145
Munchkin WEB 17_3169
Munchkin WEB 9_3152
Munchkin WEB 24_3187
Munchkin WEB 25_3192
Munchkin WEB 38_3247
Munchkin WEB 41_3271
Munchkin WEB 44_3278
Munchkin WEB 51_3322
Munchkin WEB 47_3298
Munchkin WEB 71_3411
Munchkin WEB 61_3367
Munchkin WEB 69_3397
Munchkin WEB 74_3440
Munchkin WEB 77_3444

Here are a few of the items that make our summer time so much fun:

Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup Keeps the straw in the position to drink no matter which way your babe holds it. AHmazing
Miracle 360 Training Cup
Penguin Bubble Blower – Pretty much every baby’s dream – Bubbles coming out of a cute penguin
Ocean Bath Squirts – Perfect for bath time or the baby pool in your backyard. 😉
White Hot Bowls – Seriously, genius. When making your baby’s food, the plate will literally tell you by changing colors that the food is too hot for the baby to consume.
Cool Bottle Bag – For carrying all your lunch, snacks and bottles to the pool or park.
Soft-Tip Infant Spoons – Perfect and light weight. We even keep an extra in our diaper bag.

*Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post and for making our summer so much sweeter.

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