Now that the weather is warm enough to be outside all day, we’ve been on the go ever since. The zoo, the park, the lake…. We are naturally on-the-go people. Even as a kid, my mom said I would go stir-crazy if I was at our house all day long, and I think Cove inherited that from me. Since marrying Ian, I have learned to slow down a bit, but we still all love to be outside together. This past week, we headed to a downtown square near us to walk around, pick some wildflowers and grab a snow cone. When it’s 85 degrees, the weather is just screaming for some rainbow shaved ice. We had so much fun window shopping and running around together.

I recently got the Arrington Diaper Bag by JJ Cole. Honestly, I have never had a diaper bag. We just used inserts in different bags and backpacks. I was really interested to try it out. Sine switching over, I have LOVED having all the room and separate sections for “momma” things vs. “baby” things. With 3 large organizer compartments and 12 pockets inside and out, there is plenty of space.

I’m guilty of overpacking, but you can never be too over prepared with a baby. When Cove was two weeks old, I took him to the doctors and he had a massive blowout right before the doctor came in. I ran out of wipes trying to clean him off and realized I had no clean clothes. It was December and freezing out. Since then, I always have a spare of EVERYTHING and then some! In addition to all the great space, I love having the stroller grip attachments. We are not using the stroller much anymore, but they would have been so helpful when Cove was a newborn and we were rolling that thing everywhere. I chose the black, because it matches the rest of my wardrobe, and the material is lightweight and super functional (meaning you can wipe milk stains and cookie crumbs off easily). If you are interested in checking out all the great bags JJ Cole has, you can find them at Babies R Us and on their website.



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