Some days you have to just pack up the car and get out of the house. We love spending time in our home, but when it’s 70 degrees, sunny and still winter, you need to get outside and enjoy the weather. We are really lucky to live near a large lake and being by the water (our favorite being the ocean) is so peaceful for us. Cove loves to pick up sticks and rocks and just walk around making new friends, so it’s really a lot of fun for all of us.

I packed our Turkish Towel from Bali Market and a few snacks so we could have a picnic while we were there. I first came across Turkish towels with my mom. She uses them instead of regular towels because they are a flat weave instead of a loop weave, making them super compact and absorbent. I always loved hers and how they looked in her bathroom, so I was excited when I cam across Bali Market. I love how you can use it in so many different ways – as a blanket, bath towel, wall tapestry, scarf/shaw or for picnics like us. BALI stands for Bestow Abundance Lend Inspiration. Part of their mission is to inspire those who purchase a towel to give away an item that you don’t use in your home. As you know from this post, I’m a big believer in decluttering and making impactful purchases. The one in one out movement is something I believe really helps us be conscious about what we have in our home and how we purchase things as consumers.

We are really looking forward to spending a lot of time outside now that Spring is only a couple weeks away. What are your favorite things to do in the spring? We would love to try some new things with our family and it’s always fun to make a seasonal bucket list.


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