This dress is from Pink Blush and I’ve been loving their fall line. All their clothing fits so well, yet still loose enough for a pizza / baby bump. Which means it will last me throughout my pregnancy. I have quite a few of their non-maternity items also and love them. They have so many great styles for everyone.

Now that it’s officially fall, I feel like I can share our fall bucket list. Some things are every year traditions, and others are things we’ve never done before. I am so excited for all the family time and activities for Cove. Everything is more fun with him.

Real-life story, Ian took a whole day off, which NEVER happens, so we were both so excited to do something as a family together during the day. Even though I was feeling pretty ill, nothing was going to stop me from having a family day with my boys. We decided to drive up to the mountains to go apple picking and walk around.

I was pumped. I put on my flannel, packed the car up and tried to finish getting ready, but it was one of those mornings where Cove was just not feeling it. We couldn’t do anything to make him happy. We got in the car and started driving and only got 20 minutes up the road before we decided it was just not going to work. Our sanity was already broken and we knew an hour car ride there and back was not going to happen without us losing our patience. There were tears from two out of three of us, and the day ended with us staying home almost all day, resting and recouping from the morning madness.

I say all that to let you into a bit of the realness of our lives. Sometimes the days don’t go as planned, as hard as you try, but you can’t let it get to you. You just have to make the most of the moment and your time no matter what the circumstance.

Anyways… those who are here for the bucket list and not the story…

  1. Pick pumpkins, ride the hayride and have a fall family dinner. I know I can get a pumpkin $5 cheaper at Kroger, but it’s about the experience. Hoping we can do a corn maze too!
  2. Bake all the fall things – pumpkin cookies, chili with and without pumpkin (I’ll have to share that recipe with you soon), apple pie, homemade applesauce, s’mores, and all the hot apple cider I can get my hands on.
  3. Show a weekly act of gratitude throughout the months of October and November.
  4. Volunteer & donate. As soon as I put together a list of toddler-friendly places to do so, I will share, but for now, it will probably be something like bringing a neighbor a hot meal, visiting a nursing home, and donating gently used toys and books. As Cove gets older, I definitely want to do more and volunteer at Must Ministries, but even at this age, I want to start teaching that giving is better than receiving, and what true generosity means.
  5. Take a road trip north to see the changing leaves. For us, hoping to take a day trip or two to Tennessee.
  6. Have a bonfire and roast s’mores. This will be the first year Cove can somewhat do it himself!
  7. Watch Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus and the new season of Stranger Things (just Ian and I).
  8. Make our Halloween Costumes (Because it’s always more fun when it’s handmade right?)
  9. Decorate the house. Hopefully, I will be nesting by this point because it has definitely not set in yet, haha.
  10. Take our family’s photos. We always do our holiday card photo in the fall. The weather is cool and I like to get a good head start on addressing them all.
  11. Go to our neighborhood fall festival.
  12. Start on our basement renovations. Wish us luck!
  13. Do some leaf crafts and DIY with Cove.
  14. Take our babymoon (we’re very excited and can’t wait to share more with you soon!)
  15. REST!

I hope you all have a great week!

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