We’ve had our fair share of long car rides this year. From traveling across half of Canada to our quick trip to the beach. We’ve learned a few tips on surviving the long trek of pavement with as few breakdowns as possible.
Snacks – The more the better. I shared with you guys two days ago about healthy snacking on the go. Snacks are a life saver and keep everyone happy and full. I usually like to take some regular and dried fruit, healthy protein bars and organic snacks / crackers. I also try to stick with individual snack bags too so that it’s easy to grab and go. We also bring plenty of water bottles and fill up our Yeti cups before we hit the road so we stay hydrated.
New Toys and Books – Having something to preoccupy their minds and hands is so helpful. We love these water books from Melissa and Doug because they are reusable and you get plenty of use out of them. Sticker books are always a big hit with Cove. If I can find a book with over 100 stickers, that’s at least an hour of fun. Cove loves hard page books that have lots of flaps our touch and feel things. This is one of his favorites. 
Movies and Games – There’s no way I am going to deny that we break out the iPad with a movie on it. We usually download a few shows and his favorite movies off Netflix. The Kidloland app is also a great app that has lots of educational games for kids to play.
Plan for Stops – We know trips that should only take 3-4 hours may take longer due to stops, so we plan for that the best we can. We usually try to pick out cities with good stops so we have options for places to eat and bathroom breaks.
Give Yourself Grace – Someone gave me great advice before we took our last trip out of the country, and I’ve taken it with me on every trip since. Give yourself grace. Things are going to happen out of your control and the fewer expectations you have, the better. Do your best to plan for as much as you can, but go with the flow when something doesn’t work out.
This comfy off the shoulder sweater is Pink Blush and I love it so much. It’s going to be such a great transitional piece from summer to fall to winter. I am a big fan of all the pieces I’ve gotten from them. I wore it on our road trip home, and it was so incredibly comfortable. You can shop it here.

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