Picnics are one of my very favorite things to do together as a family. Almost every year, the boys take me to do it for Mother’s Day or when they know I just need some time with them. It could be the fact I love cheese, bread and fruit and it’s usually the majority of what our picnics consist of, or that I LOVE outdoor dining. Anytime you combine food + a beautiful view, it’s my kind of heaven.

After coming home from our trip the other day, our house was pure chaos with laundry, groceries and the mess that unpacking creates. The following Saturday, it was just the three of us with no plans, so we decided to get outside and picnic together. I used my new Gathre mat, to which I’m now spoiled, because now, a blanket won’t ever do for us… It doesn’t heat up in the sun, it’s easier to brush off and it lays flat when the wind blows. We had a mini mat a friend gave us before Cove was born, and it was my favorite thing to change him on. It barely took up any space in my diaper bag and was easy to clean and didn’t slide on surfaces like some mats do.

Since quite a few people asked me about it in my Instagram Stories, I thought I would share with you five ways to use it besides picnicking.

  1. Gardening. You all know my deep love for plants indoors and outdoors. This mat is perfect for spreading out your tools and planting away. Once your done, just hose it off. It keeps you from having to sweep dirt off the concrete and even creates a space if you want to plant on a table.
  2. Feeding + in the kitchen. If you have a little one, you already know how much time it takes to mop the floor after every meal. Simply put your mat under the high chair and shake it off the back deck after your little is through and give it a wipe down with a wet rag. If you don’t have a little, you can use it under your feet while baking or chopping. That might not apply to everyone, but I am a pretty messy cook so it saves me a lot of effort of having to clean my entire kitchen floor after baking a cake, haha.
  3. Beach bumming. So far, I prefer it over a towel because you can brush the sand off so much easier. Lay it down and throw your towel on top for an extra layer.
  4. Crafting. Throw it out in your living room and craft your little heart out. Instead of having to vacuum all the glitter and tiny pieces of paper up, just shake your mat off in the trash and you’re done!
  5. Play time. Create all kinds of memories with your little on your mat. Put it next to their reading nook, throw it out in the play room to race cars on or set up little lemonade stand in the summer and pumpkin carving stations in the winter. It’s the perfect addition to play time.

We have the Pewter Midi and the Cinder Micro. You can shop all of Gathre’s Mats Here and our picnic details below.

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