You may recognize this space from my office post we did a few years ago. Pretty quickly after I did that space, I ended up staying home full time and pursuing blogging and felt like space would be better used as a playroom. It’s actually just a large landing pad/hallway upstairs in between the bedrooms and so I felt like it would get much more use that way. I kept the pink rug for a while thinking we would use it if we had a girl, but when we found out we were having two boys, I knew I needed to make the space more neutral and boyish. I actually wanted to keep the space pretty simple, because as the boys grow I wanted to be able to add elements based on their interest and passions.

We partnered with Lorena Canals to get this amazing and super soft (washable!) rug and fun ottoman/pillow to bring some life to the space. Since we use it so much, I love that we can wash it in our washing machine easily that our kids can still be kids (little mess-makers:)). I have no doubt we will have our fair share of accidents, spit up and who knows what else with two boys so comfortable and durable items are key. Lorena Canals products are all natural with natural dyes and no VOCs like most carpets. They also give part of their proceeds to Sakula project in India which provides schooling for kids. Just so many things to love about them.

We have a little Ikea kitchen (that I am considering sprucing up or doing a little DIY so be sure to share if you have a fun one) and table set that we pushed against one corner of the room and then on the opposite wall we have a small bookshelf/reading area that also has boxes full of toys. If it looks clean to you, it’s because we had literally picked up all the toys the night before and organized our Christmas presents into baskets. I bought plenty of storage along with presents this year because I wanted to keep our house from looking like a toy store while still being livable and enjoyed. Cove has a massive wooden train in the larger basket and we take it out and put it up/pick it up almost every single day. I work hard with him on if we take something out we put it away when we’re done so that we can still make messes, but have organization when we’re done having fun. It’s worked well so far.

We still have toys in his room that I like to cycle through and move throughout the house so he doesn’t get bored playing with the same things over and over again. I found when we had it all in the space place he would just dump it all out and then get tired of it easily. This way, we rotate through boxes of toys, books, puzzles etc. about once a month and we don’t have to buy much else unless it’s a special occasion or something we really want to get him.

This is a happy space for all of us and I can’t wait to add and decorate more as the boys show interest in certain things. I will be sure to link everything I can below, but if you are looking for amazing kids rugs or just great rugs for your home in general check out Lorena Canals. So many more things on my wishlist from them!


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