About three years ago, Ian and I decided not to purchase each other Christmas presents. I say that, but usually every time we say we’re not going to get each other presents, Ian still is so sweet and picks me up something beautiful or makes something beyond what I could have ever wanted.

That year, in true Ian fashion, he gave me a Christmas present about a week before Christmas. He made wooden frames and burned things he loved about me on the the bottom of each one. He then had square prints from Social Print Studio printed with some of his favorite memories with me. I mean… wow. I love that he’s always been so intentional and personal with his gifts. I guess you could say my love of SPS started then. I loved the quality of the prints and how well made they are. Plus, their company has the BEST customer service and sweetest employees.

We’ve ordered from them quite a bit over the years and we usually like to pick up some extra new prints whenever we take a trip so we have tangible memories and updates to our frames. After we got back from Canada, I picked up some of the large photo strips and some new hangers to put in our foyer. I previously purchased some which you can see my previous post here. They are so easy to interchange, so I thought it would be cool to have a few we could change out every few months for the different seasons or to highlight certain trips. It fits in the little wall by the stairs perfectly, and we have one in our bedroom too. Cove has so much fun climbing on the chair and pointing to each of us in the pictures.

We also picked up some photo magnets, a metal print and some contact cards for our shop. I have no idea why we didn’t have any magnets already. They are such a fun addition to our kitchen and Cove loves them. He takes then on and off the fridge, they’re really great quality / strong magnets, pointing to different people in the pictures.

What are your favorite ways to print your pictures? Photo books, strips, prints?

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