There is so much to love about fall. It’s Ian’s favorite time of year. He turns into the happiest guy around when he gets to wear flannel, make fires and eat chili. He has no complaints when it comes to trampling around at a pumpkin patch to take photos with our friends, and I absolutely love him for it.

It is such a fun season for us, not just because it’s fall, but because we get to become parents with some of our best friends. I have so many sweet friends that are raising babies along side me, and it makes it that much sweeter. We are all just weeks a part from each other. Lily had Sawyer this past June, and Jen had Styles this past September, making us all about 3 months a part! I am now at 31 weeks, so we are finally in the single digit countdown. It seems so surreal. Things are definitely more uncomfortable than I expected them to be, but how on earth can you complain when your little guy is rolling around and letting you know that he is there all day (and night)! Ian has been so sweet to help me out with everything from cooking dinner some nights to helping me tie my shoes, ha. I absolutely love having a husband who is so excited to become a father.

Here are some photos from our afternoon at the pumpkin patch with our little pumpkins…

Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-3 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-4 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-5 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-6 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-9 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-14 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-16 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-17   Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-21 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-22 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-23   Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-26 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-27 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-29 Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-30   Pumpkin-Patch_WEB-33

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