It’s the best time of year again, and we celebrated the first weekend in October by doing a little pumpkin picking with our friends. If you remember last year, Cove was still in my belly when we went pumpkin picking. I have to say, it was so much more fun this year with him on the outside. If you look back at the picture of the three of us, you can see how big Styles and Sawyer have grown in just a year. It was so sweet to see the boys hitting pumpkins and picking up little mini pumpkins together, and having them be wheeled around in the little red wagon.

As fall and winter are quickly approaching I have been thinking so much about family traditions and which ones we want to start together with Cove. Here is a list of activities that you can do together as a family to celebrate the season:

  1. Go to a corn maze and go on a hayride.
  2. Apple Picking.
  3. Plant your spring bulbs as a family.
  4. Carve a pumpkin.
  5. Make homemade apple cider, applesauce or apple pie with all the apples you picked.
  6. Pick your pumpkin at a pumpkin patch.
  7. Carve your pumpkins together as a family.
  8. Rake the leaves and then have a jump party.
  9. Watch a Halloween movie or have a marathon. My favorite is Hocus Pocus.
  10. Have a craft day using fall items like leaves and pumpkins.
  11. Boo your neighbors. Read more about this game here.  It is so much fun! We do it every year.
  12. Have a bonfire with caramel apples and smores. (This one is Ian’s favorite.)

What are your favorite fall traditions?

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