It would be embarrassing if you stepped into my closet about three years ago. My shelves were bending in the middle from the amount of clothing hanging on them. Most of it were things I never wore, and a good bit of them still had the tags. I was born and raised a bargain shopper, and because of that I learned the habit of buying things because they were a great deal and not necessarily because I wanted or needed them.

After purging my closet multiple times the past few years, I vowed to myself and to Ian to only buy something I really loved. And even more so, to only buy things that we’re going to last me a long time. Since then, my closet has definitely moved in the right direction. I get emotionally attached to clothes for some reason, so some stuff I still have just because it’s hard for me to part with. I’ll call it nostalgia. But overall, I have done a better job at keeping my closet to pieces I wear, pieces I love and pieces that will last.

I am not a capsule wardrobe kind of girl, but I am into wearing and styling pieces that go with almost everything and that hold their value over time. Since I’ve come a long way from buying something because it’s on sale, I thought I would share with you a few things that help me focus on keeping a quality wardrobe instead of one with a thousand pieces that never get worn.

  1. Buy the pieces that are timeless. I am sure that those ruffled slides with the big bow on them are so in style right now, but no one wears palazzo pants or gaucho pants anymore, and I can guarantee that in three years you probably won’t wear those slides either. Instead of stocking in on trends, look for styles that have been around for a while and will continue to be around for a while. Build these as the base of your wardrobe.
  2. Look for quality material. I am totally guilty of buying all the $12.99 sandals at Target I could find, but after seeing them fall a part of on me summer after summer, I started only buying shoes made with leather and suede. For me, this doesn’t just apply to shoes. Most of you know by now that if you buy a jacket for $20 at your favorite teen store, you are probably getting what you pay for. Instead of buying five $20 jackets, save for that $150 suede or leather jacket you love and know you’ll wear for years. (Leather / suede are easy examples of lasting materials, but there are a lot of quality fabrics / cloths out there beyond these.)
  3. Be a smart spender. Having a high quality wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to break your piggy bank or only shop at designer stores, it just means you need to be smart about your purchases. I am still a bargain shopper even if I don’t just buy something because it’s on sale. I love a good and well fitting pair of jeans, so I know my size and as soon as I see my favorite jeans go on sale or I’ll wait until I get a gift card or coupon, then I purchase them.

*Think about the environment and be grateful. This isn’t one of my three points, but it correlates with all of them. It’s so important to think about how our purchases and lifestyle affect those around us. And even more so, how they affect us. Building a quality closet takes time, and for most people it takes saving too. It’s important to stay grateful for what we do have instead of always looking for what we don’t have. It keeps us from making those purchases for things we don’t actually need and at the end of the day, don’t really want either.

The above are my new clogs from Sandgrens and they are one of those quality purchases I was talking about. They are made in a small Swedish factory in a little town with fine leather and high quality wood (the kind of shoes that last for year and years). The pair I am wearing honestly feel like they were made just for me. They are called Victoria in nude leather. They fit super snug and tight at first, but you have to wear them a few hours every day until they break in (a sign of quality as the material forms to you). Over time they will fit like a glove on your feet and the leather will get that beautiful worn look we all love. I’ve had so many of you ask about them on Instagram, so be sure to check out Sandgrens gorgeous and high quality shoes here.

*This post was written after conversations with the Sandgrens team. All opinions are my own.


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