Don’t let the squares and rolling feeds of fancy photos and curated content fool you. We all know pictures rarely capture the realness of what everyday life looks like.

Is anyone else a little tired of the over critical and anxiety around social media lately? If someone only posts pretty pictures they are “fake” or “surface-y.” If they post too much “real-ness” they are oversharing or their accounts just aren’t pretty. Who cares? Let people be. Let the space be a place to create, for people to be genuine, for people to share the happy moments or the sad moments, or for some people – all the moments in between. I love that social media is a place for people to keep a journal of their lives, to share the highlights, to encourage one another and to post the things we want to post. The best part is, no one is making you follow anyone. We get to choose who we want in our spaces and what we want to share. When we take those pictures and post too seriously we only rob ourselves of happiness.

Ian and I love our life and are so happy, but that doesn’t mean things are perfect. There are hardships, long days, long hours, beautiful quiet moments, big wins and a lot of things we don’t share with everyone. A lot of the things you see are ways we express creativity and have fun, and those things may not be “real-life” and they may exactly be real life. We choose to share the things we feel will inspire, encourage and the things we have fun with. The best and most important moments of our lives are the moments that aren’t always fancy or significant, but are me and my boys just living in the in-between.

Just a reminder for the both of us to not take these social spaces so seriously. Let’s love the perfectly imperfect real lives were living off screen and stop putting so much value in the highlight reel we and other people share.

Ian and I recently had the opportunity to try out some clothing from Alternative Apparel. We love to dress up, but our favorite and most common attire is comfy casual. I will never forget Ian telling me he loved me in jeans and a tee just as much as he loved me in a dress and heels when we first met. I really believe he meant that because most often, he is always quick to tell me I look great when we are out on Saturday mornings and I am totally bumming it. Now thats a best friend and my kind of man. I love that all of the items we got felt like they were already worn in. Ian has been living in them and smiles every time he puts them on. I am a huge fan of the fit of their clothes and how warm they keep you. The tees are also the perfect level of distressed to give you a relaxed but polished look. I’ve linked our outfits below.



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