“Instagram has always been a creative outlet for me, and I have personally chosen not to share much of the every day lives of our children for their sake. However, as I continue to share style and design images, remember that this space for me is only meant to inspire an idea. Encourage, and uplift. The best moments of my life are actually the insignificant ones… Usually with a baby or two at my ankles while I’m sipping a coffee. I just choose to keep them just for me most of the time. So this is just a reminder for you and for me not to take this place so seriously, and that for most peeps, it’s just a highlight reel of a very real and imperfect life.” – ANNA LIESEMEYER

I loved that quote from Anna, and have saved it on my phone for a while to remind me what this gig is all about. Blogging is definitely one of those territories and careers that get a lot of criticism. I mean, it should be expected when you post your life on a public space that people are going to make comments about it, right? I guess I never gave that part much thought when I decided to do it. Overall, there has to be a bit of a balance. I personally love to be real with all of you, but this is also a creative outlet for me to get dressed up, stage beautiful setups and create beautiful things. So for those of you wondering…

How do we capture those real-life moments, but still keep everyday moments for ourselves?

When you see a post on here, they are always more often than not, real life. Yes, I will clean up my home so you don’t see dirty laundry in the background. Yes, I will put on clothes that make me feel cute because that’s part of the fun right?

My goal is to create a setting that’s beautiful, live in it and then capture the moment. So if you see me and Cove playing in the backyard, we are REALLY playing in the backyard. I don’t force those moments. The best pictures are the ones when you get to see small glimpses into what it’s really like here. It doesn’t matter if your kid is rambunctious and super energetic, you just set the setting the way you like and then let them play and live then snap away.

Here are a few tips from our experiences:

  1. We set our camera on continuous shooting mode. That way you aren’t missing the candid moments in between.
  2. Shoot with a lens you can capture the whole moment. We typically shoot with a 35mm lens, which slightly widens the frame of what you’re shooting, so no matter where we are standing we can grab the shot we need.
  3. Let your kids be kids. Most kids do not want to smile and pose for pictures and we don’t make Cove. We just sit back and hang out and take pictures as moments come along.

Do we ALWAYS have a camera?

No. When I started blogging heavily, it was easy for me to feel like EVERYTHING had to be documented and it was stressful. Ian and I sat down together and worked on some healthy boundaries for our work / life. Just like people have regular working hours, I set time aside to blog and photograph, then the rest of the time we just live our life with no camera and most of the time, no phone.

We don’t take pictures every day and I don’t sit on my phone for hours on Instagram. I set working hours for myself (and try to work these hours around when Ian is at work or my kid is asleep) so the rest of the time, I’m present with them.

Often times, we plan in advance when we’re going to take pictures. If we’re doing something fun, like traveling or going to a pumpkin patch, we’ll pack the camera and take a few pictures, then put it away to enjoy the time. This way we get to experience moments without looking through a viewfinder.

An important factor in all of this is loving what you do. Ian and I love going out, taking pictures and spending time with each other and our son.

My most important gig, is spending time with Ian and Cove, and remembering every single moment. I don’t have to have a camera to do that. It’s present over perfect, and if we have time to do the rest, great, if not, we live without the moment captured and keep it in our hearts.



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