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Sorry… I’m about to get sappy. Looking through these pictures has me so incredibly thankful. Three years ago, Ian and I sat on the beach talking about how one day we will have littles running around while we sat in the sand. We talked about the memories we’d make, how different our time and energy would be spent, and how we we’re hopeful we would be blessed with that family we’d dreamed about.

We’ve traveled quite a bit with Cove already, but relaxing at the beach brought all those memories back from those conversations we had a few years ago. This trip has been exactly what we needed. It seems like right before every vacation, everything seems to get crazy and Ian has to work crazy hours all the way up to the day before we leave. By the time the vacation actually gets here, we’re so ready for it and the hustle to get there makes everything worth it. So far, we’ve napped, played, swam, baked in the sun, ate our hearts out, and made some incredible memories together.

I’ve truly taken to heart the fact that there is an abundance of stress where there is a lack of rest. And this year has been the year of saying “no” in order to do just that – Rest. That doesn’t mean we haven’t worked incredibly hard, or like I said earlier, had our fair share of late nights, but it does mean we prioritize rest after the work has been done. There will always be good things to say yes to, that seem right or fun, but when we say yes to almost everything, we lose control on where to put our time and energy.

I definitely used to be a “yes” girl. Having limited time with just Ian, Cove and I, has shown me that I had to say no to certain things in order to protect our family and help us grow. I’ll be honest, Ian has really taught me that from the beginning of our marriage. He’s been so good at prioritizing, and working hard at what’s most important. He is one of the hardest working people I know, and he’s so good at what he does.

Early on, we decided our priorities, in this order, would always be God, each other, our kids and then everything else. It varies for each person, but you’ve got work, community, friends, extended family and so many things, but if we don’t have those first three things in order, then we’ve found everything will crumble or replace something it shouldn’t. So cheers to saying no, to finding rest and to sticking to what’s most important, whatever that is for you.

Side note: I know I’ve talked about two piece outfits a few times on the blog. This one has been my absolute favorite! Plus, I love that you can wear it separately. I will definitely be wearing the top with some high waist shorts or jeans soon. It fits true to size for me and I love that the bottoms are actually cute little shorts underneath. So practical for mom’s of toddlers. You can shop it here or the slider below.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Thank you for reading and being a part of this community with me.

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