We just got home from my happy place, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the great memories we made taking Cove there for the first time. I plan on giving you guys a full tour guide with our top food and must sees for all our SoCal favorites, but for now, I thought I would highlight some of our days.

I have always loved San Diego since my family took me as little girl. We didn’t get to see a ton in 2014 when we flew in, but we knew with all it’s family attractions, we definitely wanted to take Cove and experience it for a longer period of time. After the first day, which was spent mostly relaxing around the condo because lets be honest, traveling with babies requires some down time, we visited Balboa Park. It was such a beautiful place to walk around and see. There are all sorts of museums, gardens, play areas, and even the zoo. Our favorite was the Desert Garden, pictured below.


san-diego-balboa-park-8_5893 san-diego-balboa-park-11_5904 san-diego-balboa-park-24_5943 san-diego-balboa-park-25_5945 san-diego-balboa-park-26_5947 san-diego-balboa-park-43_5982 san-diego-balboa-park-56_6007 san-diego-balboa-park-68_6027 san-diego-balboa-park-70_6029 san-diego-balboa-park-71_6031 san-diego-balboa-park-76_6044 san-diego-balboa-park-81_6051 san-diego-balboa-park-86_6062 san-diego-balboa-park-88_6070 san-diego-balboa-park-91_6075 san-diego-balboa-park-106_6097 san-diego-balboa-park-107_6098 san-diego-balboa-park-115_6144 san-diego-balboa-park-124_6166 san-diego-balboa-park-147_6203 san-diego-balboa-park-152_6210 san-diego-balboa-park-160_6219 san-diego-balboa-park-170_6234 san-diego-balboa-park-176_6242

The next day we headed to Old Town, which was so much fun. I love Mexican heritage and the food. We had a great time walking around and Cove is in LOVE with the little guitar we bought him. Although, he plays really hard so he’s bound to break it soon…

san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-3_6259 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-5_6263 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-7_6267 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-11_6276 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-24_6301 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-26_6309 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-28_6313 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-31_6320 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-36_6330

We capped the day off by visiting downtown La Jolla and La Jolla Cove, walking around and making friends with a few sea lions. They may be stinky, but I love them. Downtown La Jolla has such a laid back feel. It’s a beautiful place with a gorgeous park overlooking the water.

san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-44_6351 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-48_6359 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-52_6365 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-56_6376 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-57_6378 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-73_6414 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-82_6444 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-86_6460 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-93_6490 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-104_6522 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-107_6526 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-114_6539 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-116_6542 san-diego-old-town-la-jolla-125_6560

Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of our time in San Diego. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading! xx

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