On our way to the beach, we decided to extend our trip 1 day and do a quick trip to Savannah to break up the drive. Ian and I have been to Savannah before, but we had never brought Cove and thought it would be fun to wander the city with him.

It was incredibly hot, and Georgia humidity really doesn’t help. But we made the most of it and stopped for cold treats several times. Savannah’s history and Spanish moss make it one of the most quaint and charming of places. We love that it’s a walking city and you can stop at a park / square every few blocks. Cove wanted to jump in every water fountain and had so much fun running around, he ended up passing out on Ian’s shoulder as we walked by the river front market, which is becoming habit as we travel.

Since it was such a quick trip, I thought I’d share some of our favorite places and things to do in case you’re making a trip there soon. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.


  • Goose Feathers Cafe – One of the best breakfasts I’ve had. It has a cute, hole-in-the-wall feel, with great lattes. I got a loaded croissant and it was to die for.
  • The Old Pink House – We didn’t go this round because it’s fine dining and we wanted more of a family restaurant. But it’s one of the top restaurants in Savannah in one of the most gorgeous atmospheres.
  • The Collins Quarter – For brunch, lunch or dinner. Delicious and a beautiful place to dine.
  • The Paris Market – YOU MUST STOP HERE! It’s one of my favorite places in Savannah. It’s the cutest little cafe with an adorable shop connected. Stop in for a soda, ice cream cone or an iced coffee to cool down.
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream – Savannah has no shortage of sweet shops, but after a long hot day, nothing satisfies like a huge ice cream cone. Be prepared, there’s usually a line out the door and down the street.
  • The Coffee Fox – The best coffee we had while we were there. Definitely worth a stop for your morning java or afternoon pick-me-up.

See & Do

  • River Street: A great place for river views and to take a stroll. There’s a nice little outdoor market, as well as souvenir and sweet shops.
  • Broughton Street: A row of all kinds of shops and places to wander around. Everything from designer stores to mom & pop shops.
  • City Market: A series of shops designed like an old outdoor marketplace. Restored from the 1700s, it’s the sweetest little place to walk around and usually has live music.
  • Stroll through a Square: There are several beautiful squares like Ellis Square, Columbia Square and Forsyth Park. We took our ice cream cones and coffees to the park benches and let Cove run around, playing in the fountains. The trees covered in moss provided the perfect shady break.

A great place for a family getaway, couples getaway or a fun place to go with some friends for the weekend.

I wore this fun black grid dress from Piper & Scoot and some of my favorite flats for strolling around town. I have been a huge fan of their online boutique for a while. They have some great dresses right now and some of the cutest looks for fall.

I hope you have a great day! xx

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