I have always loved a good thrift store run. My momma taught me at a young age that a bargain/discount is never a bad thing, but a smart decision. It’s like finding gold.

When shopping at the Goodwill, you don’t always find treasure, but then some days you hit the jackpot at come out with $20 worth of goodies (just like Macklemore). When I was working at my old office, we had a Goodwill next door, and I would always tell Ian I had to pay the story a visit to let the traffic die down, hah. In the end, it paid off. I found some great stuff for our house and both of our closets. Bargain and secondhand shopping is about more than just a good deal though. It’s good for our environment and culture to shop secondhand and reuse what we can instead of hoarding a cluttered waste.

This past year, I have really tried to refine my closet into only pieces that I wear consistently and that reflect who I am. Clothing is a way we express ourselves and our lifestyle. I recently came across ThredUP and really loved what the company stood for. For those of you who want to sell quality items you’re ready to give up wearing, or for those of you who still want a great bargain, but don’t have time to hit up the thrift store every week, ThredUP is for you. I scored a brand new Zara dress, an H&M dress, and a boutique tunic, plus a few shirts for Cove for under $30! They don’t even look like they have ever been worn – some of them still have the tags. I also want to take a minute to share how fun the experience was. The box my goodies came in was so cute. They had the best branding and it made me feel like all my items were brand new.

The top in the picture below was a score from ThredUP and I paired it with my favorite leather jacket, jeans and my new necklace from The Curly Haired Fox. We took Cove to a river near our home to pick up and throw rocks. It’s his favorite thing to do right now. He get’s so excited every time, cramming all the rocks he can into one hand. It never gets old.

ThredUP is currently offering 50% off all H&M items for first time users up to a $50 purchase with code HANDM50You can shop the HM looks here.

I would love to hear what kind of gold you find and if you are able to recycle your items to other fashionistas out there.


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