I hope you all are having a great week! We stole some time away from home and work to visit the lake with some friends. We had such a restful weekend, even though Cove partied so hard he didn’t want to sleep at night… It was amazing how even with little to no sleep, you can still feel rested by just being in a different environment. I have been working really hard to keep an open mind every time we travel with Cove. Things can be really unpredictable, so it’s so much better to have a good perspective going into it or your expectations will let you down every time something doesn’t go as planned. The past few trips we’ve taken have really helped with it. Traveling and day trips are one of our favorite hobbies so it’s been great to see Cove adapt and learn to love it too.

Snacks can be your best friend when you are traveling with a toddler. When we’re on the road with Cove, sometimes we have to pull over to stretch our legs and fill our stomachs. He has never been a huge fan of being constrained, so a car seat was never really his favorite. When we were driving to the lake last weekend, snacks we packed plenty of snacks. Cove is definitely a growing boy and can really eat his weight in food. I’m still so shocked he eats so much now and I can’t imagine what it will be like when he’s a teenager. We really try to make sure we have plenty of healthy options around the house so he always has something to eat that’s nutritious for him.

Pure Growth Organic is a perfect match for us and him. They are organic, kosher, baked and popped in the USA. Cove loves the fact they have cute characters on them like Minions (his favorite ever), Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol. They are super affordable and you can order them on Amazon Prime (every mom’s bets friend). My favorite part though is how tasty they are. Ian and I are always stealing a few for ourselves here and there. They have veggie chips, popcorn, breakfast bars, biscuits and crackers. If you’ve been with us for any period of time, you know how much Cove loves his crackers… You can buy them here or here.

You can shop our look below. Cove’s tee is from our shop and my necklace is from my favorite The Curly Haired Fox.


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