Snow days are rare days around here. When they do happen, our grocery stores are usually nightmares until the shelves are empty, no milk and no bread. Does anyone else ever wonder why those are the essentials? I’m thinking we really need chocolate, red meat (for Ian) and plenty of sweet tea since Chick-fil-a won’t be open.

This is Cove’s second snow day. Last year I can’t say he enjoyed himself, but this year was a different story. He loved walking on it and had a great time laughing as we danced and made total fools of ourselves sliding around on the ice.

I’ve always been a beach kind of girl, but I really love a good snow day when we’re iced in at home. There’s something about being cozied up in the house with a fire, hot chocolate and not being able to leave that I love. Although, by the next day, I’m ready for it to melt because I go stir crazy. In reality, days like this are not just rare because of the snow. The fact we get to spend all day as just the three of us with no agenda or work, is out of the usual. Although we really try to schedule breaks and ‘us’ time into our schedule, we rarely get an entire day to do that. I am so grateful to kick off the new year with a day of rest, after the whirlwind of the holidays.

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day that said, “If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.”  It just really resonated with me after we finished planning out the year and setting some goals. There are going to be times where we get tired, and instead of giving up or getting burned out, we need to make sure we rest. Rest is a place where the mind can recoup and it’s also a place where our imagination can run freely without pressure. I hope you all are able to make the time to rest this year.

Here are a few photos from our backyard snow day adventure. Hope all of you that got snow and ice are staying safe and warm!


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