It didn’t take long for us to feel at home at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. The only beach front hotel on St. Simons Island greeted us with the most beautiful beach castle elevation, surrounded by palm trees and Spanish moss. The Lobby, which was recently renovated in 2013, is just beautiful and has the most stunning interior design. We checked into a North Beach Villa with two bedrooms and two baths, with a fully equipped kitchen and large living area. It was perfect for our little family for the long weekend.

They have a lot of other great options on the property, from single rooms to guest houses. Cove and I immediately found the big bed with the ocean view and made ourselves comfortable. It didn’t take long before he was jumping up and down and we made a little game out of it. We got very little sleep this trip due to a very active and excited toddler, so a comfortable bed made a world of difference when we did finally get some shut eye.

A lot of times our trips are very busy, and we are moving from one place to another. This trip we really wanted to unwind, take things slow and just have a lot of fun together. The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort was the perfect place to do that. With quick and close beach front access, easy beach/tent rentals and fresh resort towels, trekking down to the beach with all the toys and stuff you normally bring didn’t feel hard at all.

I think Cove’s favorite part of the whole resort was the “pooooooool,” as he calls it. The pool area was also renovated in 2013 and has something for everyone. There were a series of three pools with different levels of shallowness so you had a more “adult-centered” area and then a shallow one-foot pool with a water umbrella which was perfect for kids. Cove loved the shallowest pool because it was easy for him to walk around and play with all his toys. He was smiling pretty much the entire time he was in there.

Only a few feet away from the smallest pool, they have a huge sand pit with all sorts of toys. Adjacent is a tent that had an employee in charge of kid’s activities and games for grade-school kids. One of my favorite features of the pool was its close proximity to the beach. It was right on the other side of the fence surrounding the pool. Just a small gate and some rocks separating you from the ocean. So even though we were at the pool a great deal of our stay, we still got the ocean view and could hear the waves crashing while making Cove the happiest kid on earth.

When we weren’t at the pool or the beach, we loved relaxing in the gorgeous lobby which opens up to the newly designed restaurant and bar, ECHO, and the large outdoor grassy area that overlooked the beach. There is a large seating area next to a big fireplace, that we loved, and that had some toys that Cove had a good time playing with. My favorite was the big open grassy area though. We made some incredible memories there as a family. Since it was so open, there was plenty of room for Cove to run and play. They also have big swings and chairs for you to look out over the ocean. We watched the sunset there on two separate nights and it was perfect.

Although the resort was almost fully occupied while we were there, Ian and I both commented how much space we felt we had to ourselves. It was so nice to have so many places you could go and enjoy the beach and resort without feeling like you still had some privacy. With a resort that’s been around for over 80 years, winning numerous travel awards over the years, you know they’ve figured out the secret sauce for the perfect getaway.

I loved how it’s nestled in one of the quaintest towns in Georgia. We loved exploring the island a little here and there when we ventured out of the resort. There were so many cute boutiques, coffee shops and local restaurants. And even though we were traveling, something about the city made you feel at home. If you are looking for the perfect place to getaway with your family or friends, I recommend checking it out.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

*This post was sponsored by The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort. All opinions are my own. 


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