The weather here has been so nice with it being cool in the mornings and afternoons. Although we love to go to the park and walk, we’ve been spending a good amount of time in our backyard. We throw out a blanket and Cove is so content just taking in the great outdoors. He is pulling up on everything and scooting around, so we’re trying to build up those muscles so he can start moving forward on his own. Whenever we are outside, you can see that he’s just itching to run and is constantly standing up and having me help him move forward.

It’s a little bittersweet for me to see him taking little steps, but I really am excited for him to walk.  See Kai Run has the most adorable shoes that are designed perfectly for each stage of crawling, standing and walking for babes. Not only are they designed with health in mind, but the quality of the shoes is really impressive. We picked out the Desmond and the Ian (I’m going to let you take one guess on who picked the IAN). They are both so perfect on Cove and flexible enough for him to move and learn to walk in.

For now, I’ll keep enjoying him pulling up, balancing on me and wrapping his arms around my neck. Cue the happy tears. 

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