This past week was a tough one in the realm of health issues for our family. We were wiped out and didn’t leave the house for a few days, but when we finally started to feel better, we decided some fresh air was what the doctor ordered. I tend to get extremely stir crazy after about one day stuck at home, so I was really crazy at this point. Please tell me I am not the only one like that?

We headed to the lake/park to walk around and it definitely helped lift our spirits. Cove loves throwing rocks in the water and was really into the ducks this time. He was screaming “DUCKS!” chasing after them. I was cracking up. Next time we go back, I will have to bring some bread to the lake with me to make it up to all the ducks who were scared to death of the toddler chasing them around.

I wanted to share with you guys about this fun new fitness tracker made for women. I have never been a huge fan of trackers/wearables from a design or fashion standpoint, so when I saw this Leaf tracker by Bellabeat, I was really intrigued because it was so pretty. I’m also a sucker for wood accessories. Ian works in the medical technology field, so it’s always really interested me to see how health is really moving towards wearables and apps on your phone. The Leaf tracks your activity, sleep, meditation and monthly cycles. You also don’t have to wear it on your wrist. It works great as a necklace or hooked on your clothing. I’ve only worn it for a little while now, but it has been fascinating to see my stress levels and receive notifications for when I should rest or be more active.

I really want to try their product Shell, where you can record and track your baby’s heartbeat on your phone. I used a small doppler when we were pregnant with Cove almost every day. I loved hearing his little heart beat, so it would be amazing to have it recorded on your iPhone. You can check out more on the website here.

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend! xx

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