Sunny days are pretty much the best thing at our house. We love being outside, by the pool or the ocean all day long if possible. I’m so ready to take Cove to the beach and pool this year. Last year he really just splashed around, but now he’ll be able to run through it and we’ll get to teach him how to swim. We’ve got a few trips planned already, and I have already started counting down. I might even have a bag open with clothes in it, haha.

Last year, we had a pretty big scare at the pool. We had applied sunscreen to Cove before heading out the door and by the time we got there he had huge red splotches all over his face and his eye was really swollen. We had applied what we thought was a natural sunscreen, but turns out had tons of chemicals in it which reacted poorly with his skin. From then on out, I’ve really done my homework on the kinds of products we use on and around Cove. I tried to be really conscious of it when I found out I was pregnant too. In fact, I didn’t even use fragrance or hairspray because of the affects it can have on your body and little babe while you are growing them. People called me crazy, but if you think about how many chemicals and products you use on and around you every day, you would be shocked on how many harmful things you consume and absorb. We recently started trying a company called Babo Botanicals, and I love there mission to put families first, naturally. They are completely safe for moms-to-be and newborns, making them perfect for everyone in your family. In addition to some amazing sunscreen products, they offer these great after-swim body cleanser and shampoos that help rid your body of all chlorine, salt, pollution and grime and hydrates it with aloe and cucumber. (Great for vacations or does at the pool) I also love their 3-in-1 wipes which we use for quick wipe downs or to remove makeup and SPF lip tint which is a great item just for moms.

Hope you all have a wonderful and sunny day!

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