Oily Life with REM Sleep, Bruschetta, and Airplanes | Be Well Do Well

Happy weekend loves!! Last week we looked at better ways to think. I shared a little about my husband and I’s oily life, and why we love using essential oils to help our thought life. When it comes to healthy practices, the big hurdle is implementing them into the daily routine. This Huffington Post article explains the study done by a health psychology team who examined the habits of 96 people over 12 weeks. Each person chose one new habit for the 12 weeks and reported each day on whether or not they did the behavior and how automatic the behavior felt. Some people chose simple habits like “drinking a bottle of water with lunch.” Others chose more difficult tasks like “running for 15 minutes before dinner.” At the end of the 12 weeks, the researchers analyzed the data to determine how long it took each person to go from starting a new behavior to automatically doing it.

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