The Oily Life | Be Well Do Well

There is real estate in your brain just like there is real estate in a city. Think of your brain as a city. When a city’s community is wrought with discord, crime, and a lack of care, that community becomes difficult to live in and its population suffers. When your brain is anxious, dwells on the negative, and is not taken care of, it will become a difficult place to live in. The brain is the unsung hero of the body. We are so familiar with our limbs, our faces, our hair, our skin, and how they are doing, but are we familiar with the beauty of our brains? Maybe your next thought is why should I think about the beauty of my brain? Because it is where you are living. The brain is the seat for our mind. Last week we said our mind is our very soul. Our brain captures what our mind dictates. Why is that a big deal? It is because our brain is constantly changing according to what we think on.

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