Adventure and traveling is something we hold dear in our hearts. It challenges us to think outside our comfort zone, to learn other cultures and capture the absolute beauty of creation through more than just a picture. Traveling is something that has created beautiful memories for our family that will last longer than any ‘thing.’

When I came across Tava, I fell in love with their adorable passports and mission to inspire children to always search for the next adventure. Tava makes adorable childrens passports with cards that explain and have games about where they are traveling. We picked up a San Diego passport and a USA Road trip passport for Cove. It was so fun to go through with him on all the places we visited like the San Diego Zoo, Torrey Pines and Balboa Park and read about all the fun facts about San Diego. The idea of teaching kids about where you are taking your adventures as well as giving them a fun keepsake is something I want to do for every trip. It would be so fun as Cove gets older to give him a passport at as we travel to keep him busy during our travels as well as teach him about where we are going.

If you are looking for some fun stocking stuffers or fun gifts for your upcoming trip, I highly recommend checking them out

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