I love getting to photograph families more than once, so it was such a treat to be able to capture the Bateman family for the second time this year. You may remember their sweet little newborn Mackenzie. She’s so beautiful with such a vibrant and happy personality now. And you can see why. Her parents are a stunning couple with beauty inside and out. I hope you enjoy their images!

bateman-family-web-1_9962 bateman-family-web-3_9969 bateman-family-web-7_9989 bateman-family-web-10_9993 bateman-family-web-12_0004 bateman-family-web-15_0010 bateman-family-web-17_0020 bateman-family-web-20_0037 bateman-family-web-24_0051 bateman-family-web-25_0054 bateman-family-web-32_0086 bateman-family-web-41_0104    bateman-family-web-61_0152 bateman-family-web-65_0163 bateman-family-web-67_0182 bateman-family-web-69_0192

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