Ian had a great time shooting this beautiful family’s spring portraits. Nathan and Megan are expecting their third little bundle of joy in just a few weeks, and Megan is absolutely glowing. Ian and I were so thrilled with how this lifestyle shoot turned out. You can see how much this family adores each other and how they have a great time together.

Gustavson_WEB-2 Gustavson_WEB-5 Gustavson_WEB-11    Gustavson_WEB-15 Gustavson_WEB-18 Gustavson_WEB-20 Gustavson_WEB-25    Gustavson_WEB-29 Gustavson_WEB-30 Gustavson_WEB-33 Gustavson_WEB-35 Gustavson_WEB-39 Gustavson_WEB-40 Gustavson_WEB-41 Gustavson_WEB-44 Gustavson_WEB-46 Gustavson_WEB-50 Gustavson_WEB-52 Gustavson_WEB-56 Gustavson_WEB-64    Gustavson_WEB-70 Gustavson_WEB-76 Gustavson_WEB-79 Gustavson_WEB-87 Gustavson_WEB-89 Gustavson_WEB-93 Gustavson_WEB-94 Gustavson_WEB-98 Gustavson_WEB-100 Gustavson_WEB-103 Gustavson_WEB-106    Gustavson_WEB-111 Gustavson_WEB-114 Gustavson_WEB-115

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