There is real estate in your brain just like there is real estate in a city. Think of your brain as a city. When a city’s community is wrought with discord, crime, and a lack of care, that community becomes difficult to live in and its population suffers. When your brain is anxious, dwells on the negative, and is not taken care of, it will become a difficult place to live in.

The brain is the unsung hero of the body. We are so familiar with our limbs, our faces, our hair, our skin, and how they are doing, but are we familiar with the beauty of our brains?

Maybe your next thought is why should I think about the beauty of my brain? Because it is where you are living. The brain is the seat for our mind. Last week we said our mind is our very soul. Our brain captures what our mind dictates. Why is that a big deal? It is because our brain is constantly changing according to what we think on.

That makes sense when we think about how a child learns to spoon-feed her or himself. When a baby is first placed in a high-chair and given food and a spoon, often the spoon ends up on the floor. But as the baby’s brain changes to understand the spoon’s purpose, he or she keeps the spoon to eat, maybe.

Our brain takes in so much new information in the first years of our life, and we comprehend new information so quickly in these years, that almost everyday changes are observed in children. Often people reminisce on their childhood days when learning new things was fun and often easy. Why does this change so much from the beginning to the end of our lives? Why do we get “stuck in our ways”? Why do we have a hard time seeing from another person’s point of view? I think it is because when we do not nurture our mind, structures in our brain suffer. When structures in our brain suffer, we become stuck doing what makes us comfortable rather than what grows us, and more importantly, others.

I have zero education in science. I have a bachelor of arts. But who says you can’t always continue your education by reading and asking people questions? When I asked what neuroscientists mean by the “emotional brain”, I began to understand a whole new world that is changing my life.

Our limbic system is nicknamed our emotional brain. We basically live 98% of our lives in the limbic system. Wow I just figured out why I cry all the time. Just kidding. But I really did think of crying sad or happy tears when I heard the phrase emotional brain. The word emotional has a negative connotation in my mind. I’m working on getting rid of that. Our limbic system, emotional brain, is a beautiful, powerful part of our brain that our mind uses for thought and action. It is a physical place in our brain that we use to create who we are.

Wow that’s cool. Now I understand the science behind all the motivational quotes all over our media feeds. I think we like motivational quotes because we get stuck in habits according whatever we think about most. With each thought we choose to keep, an emotion attaches to it.

Who has seen the movie, Inside Out? I’m obsessed with it. The memories of the main character, Riley, are logged as thousands of balls on shelves. The different emotions in charge of those memories are, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust and they all try to balance themselves inside of Riley’s emotional brain (limbic system). It’s a tough job. And notice that four out of the five emotions Pixar chose are often harmful emotions. I think that is a portrayal of life on this earth. More often than not, we have to filter through negative circumstances, events, thoughts, and feelings.

If every thought has an emotion attached to it, it is crucial we are taking care of our emotional brain because we are thinking incessantly, even when we sleep. But really, even when I am learning square roots, is there an emotion attached to that? I think so! When you feel alert, and ready to process information, even if it is not your cup of tea, learning new information is a positive experience. When learning that information is a positive experience, I have to believe it will be easier to recall that information in the future.

My passion is to find and implement daily, simple, but powerful routines. By implementing these routines, we can help ourselves and others heal, be well, and do well. Good routines in one’s life can have a domino effect. The last few weeks we have looked at yoga, meditation, and this week is essential oils.

“Don’t fall in love with the flower and then try to change its scent”

I don’t know who wrote this, but I read this quote when I was researching essential oils. I have a typical oldest child personality so I think this quote made me feel free and so I wrote it down. This quote was referring to synthetic scents we create to make scented products cheaper. But I think it can apply to our life- we are created to be vibrant human beings, so why spend your whole life trying to change what you could be in love with- your beautiful life!

Every one of us has circumstances and people we cannot change, but wish we could. It is popular to say, “Get toxic people out of your life.” But what if instead we recognize we have the power to choose what we believe and how we respond to those circumstances and people. Toxic people probably just need to be loved.

Of course there are exceptions with harmful situations. But what if when you go into your work place, school, place of worship, club, family get-togethers, even your home, and instead of letting negative emotion attach to your thoughts, you use a scent to renew your mind? It is wonderful how one drop of essential oil in your palms, with a few deep inhales, can slow your thoughts and get rid of anxious, angry, hurt, negative emotions.

Oils help us strengthen our emotional brain. When we smell and breathe in oils deeply, and choose to attach positive emotions to our thoughts, we can change our life. There is a lot of evidence crediting more than 75% of mental, physical and behavioral issues to toxic thinking.

There are a host of reasons each of us can benefit from essential oils. I (clearly) love discussing the healing benefits of the oils with others. If you want to learn more, here is a short survey I will respond to according to your answers.

The oils are a part of my husband and I’s life in everything from cooking, meditation, yoga, focus, reading, skin care, hair care, nutrition,  immune support, cleaning, calming the mind, sleep, and sharing them with peeps like you. If you would like to try them too, complete the survey and at the bottom let me know what you would like to try.

Get on that oily life and I bet you will like it. And scatter kindness like confetti.




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