You may have seen the Stephens family on our blog before. They are a very special family to us and Brent is the pastor of our church, Four Points Church. This year we had the honor of shooting their family on our church land. After years of prayer, the church is finally breaking ground and has started building, and hopefully it will be done in the Spring of 2016.

I hope you enjoy these fun family photos!

Stephens-Family_WEB-9_0028 Stephens-Family_WEB-10_0043 Stephens-Family_WEB-16_0063 Stephens-Family_WEB-18_0070 Stephens-Family_WEB-22_0076 Stephens-Family_WEB-28_0088   Stephens-Family_WEB-59_0172 Stephens-Family_WEB-72_0214 Stephens-Family_WEB-84_0255 Stephens-Family_WEB-96_0302 Stephens-Family_WEB-39_0129 Stephens-Family_WEB-7_0017 Stephens-Family_WEB-24_0077 Stephens-Family_WEB-30_0095 Stephens-Family_WEB-34_0104 Stephens-Family_WEB-41_0133 Stephens-Family_WEB-46_0147 Stephens-Family_WEB-53_0157 Stephens-Family_WEB-56_0168 Stephens-Family_WEB-63_0184 Stephens-Family_WEB-68_0203 Stephens-Family_WEB-76_0223 Stephens-Family_WEB-100_0313

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