The Stephens Part IV

November 29, 2016

If you have been with us for a whille, you may have seen the Stephens on our blog. We have loved growing with their family over the years. Brent is the lead pastor of our church, Four Points Church. Last year, we took their family photos on our church land with huge bulldozers and trucks after they broke ground. This year, as a testament to God’s faithfulness, we took their photos in front of the completed building.

stephens-family-web-3_0258 stephens-family-web-6_0262 stephens-family-web-9_0270 stephens-family-web-13_0291 stephens-family-web-19_0312 stephens-family-web-20_0317 stephens-family-web-23_0331 stephens-family-web-24_0336 stephens-family-web-25_0348 stephens-family-web-26_0354 stephens-family-web-29_0371 stephens-family-web-45_0409 stephens-family-web-48_0413 stephens-family-web-60_0466 stephens-family-web-55_0442 stephens-family-web-65_0479 stephens-family-web-68_0486 stephens-family-web-70_0490 stephens-family-web-79_0504 stephens-family-web-82_0514 stephens-family-web-86_0520 stephens-family-web-90_0527

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