This past weekend was full of really fun activities which left me inspired and rejuvenated. I kicked off the weekend with two really fun events, one hosted by The Honest Co. / Bump Club and another by Little Black Dress Little Red Wagon. Then I capped off the weekend with a Ladies Retreat, hosted by my church at Callaway Gardens. I hadn’t been to Callaway since I was a little girl and when I got there, I quickly fell in love all over again. It was such a beautiful place full of butterfly gardens, sweet tucked away paths with flowers and just an overall peaceful place. After spending the weekend there I can’t wait to take the boys back for a family getaway. They recently renovated the Lodge and Spa we were staying at, and it was really dreamy. I’d recommend staying there if you are planning on making a trip.

This quote from Lisa Chan is taped to my Bible right now. which is timely for spring and my weekend at the gardens.

“One day as we were driving back from one of these villages, I saw the most amazing tree perched on a hill. It had a thick and sturdy trunk, with gorgeous full branches of a beautiful shade of green. I felt the Lord say, “That is what a strong woman looks like.” A strong woman has waited patiently while her roots grew down deep into the Word of God. Over time, she becomes unshakeable in her faith. She starts bearing fruit naturally and is full of life. People are attracted to her strength and growth, and many find rest and peace as they lean on her. And when storms and trials come, as they always do, they will not be able to take her down. A few branches may be lost or pruned away, but in their place comes new growth, new life. This is what I long to be! A strong woman who is anchored in God’s promises.”

I recently discovered a love of gardening, and what time and care can produce. (This is somewhat ironic considering I’ve had a black thumb my entire life) But I love seeing my plant babies grow into beautiful bushes full of blooms. Could you imagine for a second if each one of us grows into great, big trees, full of fruit and shade, how many people would come to us to find rest, and how many people would come to see what the Lord has planted and grown? I have really been focusing on where I am right now in this specific season and working to flourish where I am planted. I’m working to not compare myself to the plant next to me, but instead, focus on bearing fruit and bringing shade where I’m at. If it happens to be a season of pruning, I want to be grateful for what the Lord is doing and shaping me to be.

Last week at the Break the Glass Ceiling Event with Little Black Dress Little Red Wagon, the event highlighted so many great ladies from all different walks of life, embracing where they’re at and pursuing their dreams. It was a complete testament to the above: Ladies blooming where they are planted. At the event, there was a little fashion show where I got to model some pieces from a local boutique – Love Street. You can check out the look below, and if you’re in the area, be sure to check out the shop. There is something for everyone there!

Since it’s officially spring, I’m sharing some of my favorite picks for the season. Be sure to check them out and shop the links below. Hope you all are encouraged and have a wonderful week!



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