I hate using the phrase “things have been busy” or “things have been a whirlwind” because honestly, when are they not? There have been a series of huge changes for both Ian and I over the past few months, and I am grateful for what they are teaching us.

  • We are in this really awkward stage of transitions. I have changed roles over the past three months, and while it is super exciting, it’s also really challenging. Pursuing your dreams and living out what you are called to do is not for the weak. It is easy to be comfortable or to do things that feel secure. It’s a whole new thing to do something outside your comfort zone, obviously, but that’s what makes it so rewarding, right? I may need someone to remind me of that in a few months. (Or maybe, tomorrow…) We both keep reminding ourselves that in order to reach your goals, you have to constantly push yourself and work harder than ‘just getting by.’ Ian describes it like walking backwards on a moving sidewalk at the airport. If you stop, you’ll go backwards and fall behind, if you walk normal, you’ll stay in the same place, but if you hustle and run, you’re making forward progress.
  • Along with that thought, Ian and I have been talking a lot about creative comparison. We all know comparison is the thief of joy, but I have been challenged lately to think of it differently. Instead of letting the thoughts of defeat and insecurity creep in, what if we used it as fuel to 1. push ourselves harder to be our own unique self and create our own unique work and 2. appreciate and see beauty in others’ work.
  • On to a lighter note, I think I need to be honest and upfront about something….I have an addiction to Chick-fil-a Iced Tea and Iced Coffee… I literally go through withdrawals. If any of you saw the drink holders in my car, you would think I was some sort of CFA cup hoarder. It’s a real problem, but I’m not ready to fix it…
  • I am sure you will hear me say this again in three months, but I am loving this stage with Cove. He is so animated now. He reaches for me, cries when I leave the room and will bust out laughing whenever I look at him funny. It’s impossible to have a bad day when you have the cutest little cheerleader attached to your hip. He has also discovered his voice, so if you were at the Target in our area this week, yes, that was Cove chatting (yelling) up everyone we passed. (At least it was happy screaming.)
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