Oh look… it’s me in another cardigan… haha. I guess since my pregnancies are a few months different from each other, I totally forgot about dressing myself in the winter. I wore dresses most of the time with Cove, but won’t work for January in Georgia. The temps have dropped to below freezing quite a few times, so layering it is.

Since cardigans are something you can wear even when you aren’t pregnant, I felt they were better options to include in my wardrobe so I wouldn’t be investing in a bunch of maternity sweaters that I couldn’t ever wear again. I truly think cardigans can be anything but basic though. This black one has fun sleeves and can dress up an outfit, or it works with jeans and tee for a perfect casual look. Some of you might have noticed I’m loving more monochromatic looks. I haven’t been able to stop, so I paired this black cardigan with one of my new favorite tees. It’s perfectly baggy and you can’t beat the price.

Elle, from Solly Baby, posted this the other day in regards to their fall/winter line and I was so encouraged by it!

Our theme for our FW line is “embrace your season”. I probably first saw this phrase on Pinterest or read it on a mug somewhere, but however the thought began, it has been a reoccurring one for me this past year and one that I find so much power in.

How often do we push out our happiness, our contentment, our relationships, our fulfillment, our plans, our best life, to the future? How often do we think, “This stage is just so hard, but once my baby is sleeping through the night then I’ll start to really enjoy life again,” or, “Once we have _____ dollars in the bank account then I won’t feel so stressed,” or, “I’ll be happy with how I look once I lose the ‘baby weight’.” We act like life is just going to wait for us, that tomorrow will always be better timing, that our babies will never grow up and yet we know: it won’t and they do.

As I said goodbye to my father earlier this year and as I watched my last baby blow out one candle on her birthday cake, I decided that I was going to embrace every season so hard it’s going to hurt. But you know what I’ve found? It hasn’t hurt. It’s felt really, really good.

So, this is my last plea of 2017: EMBRACE YOUR SEASON because your season is RIGHT NOW. No more waiting for perfection. No more withholding for the future. No more wishing a moment will pass in hopes for a better one. Change is inevitable, but there is beauty in every moment of every day, even the darkest and saddest, and as much as I love planning for the future, I am committed to embracing the beauty of right now.

It could be that Winter (December through February) are some of the hardest months of the year for me, that I’m expecting to be heading into that dazed and confused newborn season, or the fact that Elle’s post just hit me right where I needed it, but I immediately screenshot her email and wanted to share it with you. Let’s stop waiting, making thousands of list and wishing without doing. Let’s embrace this season, the right now, even if it’s bitter and even if it hurts.

A few of you reached out to me on Instagram about some products I posted about this past year, so I thought I would share my favorite products of 2017 with you all. They are in no specific order and they are sort of random, but all in one place nonetheless.

The most asked about and my favorite diffuser… Only $24. Fills up our house and runs an incredibly long time.

The Instant Pot lived up to the hype at our house. I use it multiple times a week and it saves me time when I am running behind on the day and haven’t prepped dinner like I should have.

Our Ninja coffee maker. We got this because I had no time to use the Chemex or french press every morning when Ian left early for work. It works great and has a built in frother. Ian loves the coffee it makes and he’s somewhat of a coffee snob, even though he’ll tell you he’s not. We still brew the slow way on the weekends though :).

This suede jacket. I decided before I had babies and as I approached my late twenties to early thirties, to stop buying junk and start investing in quality that will last. That may mean I don’t always have the latest trends, but I have pieces that last forever and that I love. I started with leather boots one year, a leather bag the next year, really nice denim the following year and this year I splurged and bought this jacket. It goes with so much and will be something I can wear for years to come.

Speaking of denim, I bought these jeans before I got pregnant and they are my FAVORITE. Perfectly high-waisted and comfortable. And they don’t break the bank. I can’t wait to wear them again.

Our Google Home Mini. Cove is obsessed and it sure makes that dinner prep way better when we’ve got music and a friend replaying recipes and timers back to us.


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