So one of my sweet friends on Instagram shared a post on social media babies and how this will be the first generation to ever grow up with cameras in their face at all time and every single part of their lives being documented on iPhones and often through social media. To be honest, it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to and Ian and I have talked about before. We have a few friends who don’t share about their children at all on social media, no photos at all, and others who document bare booties and glorious details of real life and the moments in between. I personally don’t think either is wrong, because each of us have our own ideas of what parenting should look like and ideas of how we should be raising our kids.

I am sure social media will affect our children, just like it’s affected us, if we are all being completely honest here. For some of us, it’s impacted us in a completely positive way. Some have built businesses, met friends, created a digital journal their lives and other things we want to remember in a way previous generations couldn’t. For others, it’s drained them, caused insecurities and anxieties, wasted time and left people feeling vulnerable. But isn’t that everything in life? We have the ability to make great of something or let it steal our joy. Balance is everything.

I’m hoping my children see technology and social media as a tool and not as something that dictates their life. I try be honest and real with all of you about what our life looks like, but there are some things that I am going to protect Cove and our family unit from in the vast and crazy big internet.

What are your thoughts on social media and Instagram babies? Good or bad?

On to a lighter note, this backpack, no pun intended, has been on repeat for the past three weeks for me. I love how it’s fashionable, yet super practical for life right now. I have downsized from my huge baby bag to something a little bit easier to carry around when we are on the go running errands. No one likes slinging a bag over their shoulder while trying to push a grocery cart and wrangle all kinds of craziness around. I received it and this cute beaded top from Love Winnie James. You can find them here and here.

Additionally, there are a few trends I don’t think I can pass up this summer. Gingham is one of them. There are so many great pieces I have linked before, but it gives me that summer backyard barbecue feel. I feel like you can dress it up or down and make it beachy or preppy, depending on what you are going for. I’m also really loving all the cute two piece outfits. It’s totally the boho in me, but two piece outfits can be so classy too. I have linked all my summer favorites down below.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx

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