We can go years or even a lifetime and never fully comprehend time as the most precious and fleeting commodity that it is. I’d guess the majority of us never really take to heart the stories we see and hear about every day of people who look back on their lives and wish they would have spent this precious gift more fully and without restraint. I don’t always do a good job at this, but over the last couple of years, Victoria and I have been extremely aware of this and have altered a lot of things to make sure we don’t waste what we’ve been given. Since bringing our son Cove into the world nine months ago, time and how we spend it, has been even more amplified. Here are a few of my thoughts…

We’re pretty open people. Like anybody, there are aspects of our lives that we keep private and away from social media because those moments are precious and belong to us, but there are other areas we want to share, whether it be where we travel or giving a small window into our day-to-day and who we are. Some people might already know or assume this, but I’m actually an introvert. Given the choice to go out with a large group of people or sit at home and binge watch Newsroom (little plug for our new obsession), I’ll stay home. There’s a ton of different reasons I could come up with on why I would rather relax in, but it’s really just my natural tendency, and for me at least, it easily leads to habitual laziness, my archenemy. Giving in to my natural tendency means I miss out on so much. I’m not talking about FOMO (fear of missing out) where people get anxiety because they need to be a part of everything. I’m referring to the missed relationships, conversations and experiences that come with being a recluse. I’m not ok with that.

That being said, I have this constant urgency and voice in the back of my head to evaluate what I’m doing constantly and make sure that I’m living each moment intentionally, whether it’s getting our product ready for launch next year or spending the last hour of the day with Cove in his playroom, letting him crawl all over me.

I’m still working on this, and frankly always will be, but don’t not waste the time you’ve been given. It’s fleeting, expensive, and you’ll never get it back. Be intentional and resist the urge to get lost in social media, Netflix binges or whatever is the easiest to numb yourself to the world. I’m also not saying the previous things are bad, just get out and live intentionally every once in a while :).

I had to add one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. Johnnyswim – Live While We’re Young

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*Thank you to Ambassador Watches for collaborating with us on this post. It’s my new favorite timepiece.

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