Jessica and I met through her jewelry. I was at a baby shower recently, and saw a piece of her jewelry being worn by a friend. I fell in love with the bangle she had on and asked her where I could find one, and she introduced me to Songbird Glory. When you meet Jessica, you can instantly see where the beauty of her products comes from. She has such an inspiring look and story. Her pieces are perfect for everyday wear and for a night out. They are sure to be noticed (as you can see, that is how I found her! hehe)

So please meet Jessica, with Songbird Glory. Also, don’t forget to scroll all the way down for an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Songbird Glory?

I have lived in Georgia nearly my entire life. I have been married for nine years and am a new mother. I am passionate about adoption, making and sharing beauty, caring for those around me, genuine living with my community, and finding any reason to have a good party. I have always enjoyed creating, and dabbled in several different craft endeavors before finding my love for making jewelry. I have made jewelry for myself since I was very young, but around 2009 I began having so many ideas and making so many designs that I couldn’t possibly wear or keep them all for myself! I phased out my other items and focused exclusively on jewelry between 2012 and 2013.

Songbird Glory-7

What inspired your new line and/or what inspiration led you to creating your products?

My designs do change periodically with the ebb and flow of trends, but I have always focused on making things I would like to wear in that season. I became a mother this past year and my designs have evolved accordingly. I love to dress up in fancy or vintage styles, and my jewelry once reflected that look. Now that I am so active with my daughter, however, my day-to-day aesthetic has changed considerably. Feeling put together is important to me, and I wanted items that were wearable from day to night but still added glamour or a little something special to an outfit. My current line is earthy and modern; it incorporates lots of geometric shapes, rough and colorful stones, and even some subtle inspirational messages using Morse Code!

Songbird Glory-8

Songbird Glory-13

Songbird Glory-14

Songbird Glory-17

Songbird Glory-20

Songbird Glory-23

Where can we buy your products? (Items for the new season to be added in the coming weeks) or at Grow Salon in Decatur, GA. I am hoping to add several more items this year!

Songbird Glory-11

Songbird Glory-18

What is your favorite thing about living in the south?

I love how green and lush the south gets in the Spring! And the crisp air and colors in autumn. I also enjoy the way people generally interact with each other in a courteous, kind way. I appreciate coming back home after traveling and being reminded of that! I think it’s a lovely regional trait.


Isn’t she lovely?

Did I mention she makes custom jewelry? Here is my the morse code “Grace” bracelet she made for me. I paired it with my Giving Keys “Grace” necklace and it makes a perfect combo for any outfit.



And you guys are in for an even better treat! Jessica is giving away a pair of starling earrings! Take a look at how gorgeous they are below.


The Giveaway is super simple and you can enter by doing one or all of the things below:

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Thanks so much everyone!

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