Let’s face it, Valentines Day isn’t so much for the guys. It’s more for the lovely ladies.

Victoria and I have done many different things over the past years, including everything from the super fancy dinners to just staying at home with takeout and watching a movie. Each year has always been different and depends on what we have going on. For instance, this year has been hectic with the launch of TST last Monday, so we decided to do something a little more low-key (which I would share, but I don’t want to lose our seats at the restaurant since it’s a first-come first-serve establishment…)

With that being said, I do believe in celebrating Valentines day. Of course, I don’t need a special day each year to treat my wife, but I do enjoy the experience and excitement I can give her by participating in it. It brings me joy to make her happy and I love the surprise. Lets just say, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a day that has grown into celebrating the love I have for my wife through dinner, chocolates, flowers and other things.

But what about the guys? What do we want to do? Do we want gifts? If so, what would we want? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Below is a Pinterest board, yeah I know I’m hip, that I’ve started curating on our TST Pinterest board that has some awesome gadgets, clothes and just plain fun gifts I love and feel any guy would want. (And what this really comes down to is my secret, but now public, wish list for my wife to know exactly what I want for any occasion…)

So if you’re looking for some ideas on what your hubby or boyfriend might want this Valentines day, or next holiday/birthday since it’s only 2 days away, check out the pins below and I can almost guarantee he’ll be super happy with anything on this list. And if you have some other ideas for cool gadgets and gifts that aren’t pinned, let us know! I’d love to see them and I’ll make sure to continue keeping this board updated so you can come back to see it!

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