Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and for those of you who haven’t gotten your significant other a gift, I’m sorry, but this isn’t a gift guide.

I really do love Valentine’s, but not because of all the typical hype. I’m not lying when I say that it is like Valentine’s day year round in my house. Ian has always treated me like a princess, still opens every car door for me and brings me flowers just because. I am super excited though because this is my second Valentine’s day with Cove. I feel so lucky to have two Valentine’s now.

This year I wanted to give everyone a few alternatives to the fancy dinner and overpriced bouquets, and let you in on how we celebrate. I am also sharing an easy day-to-night outfit to transition the day.

The first year we were married, Ian and I were both stressed about Valentine’s day. We weren’t making very much money, and I think we both felt so much pressure from society to do certain things to celebrate the day, that it seemed more overwhelming than enjoyable. After a failed dinner reservation and a few tears we decided that a holiday is never worth that kind of stress. We vowed to only celebrate in ways we truly enjoyed and that expressed our love. One year, we ordered take out, set up a fancy table at home and then made a huge pallet on the floor with extra pillows and watched movies all night. The next year, we skipped the fancy restaurant and had pizza and ice cream and just walked around one of our favorite places. That year, Ian made me a wood burned card and an air plant as an untraditional “I love you.” I think it was one of my favorite Valentine’s day gifts to date because it was “him”.

But our new tradition is my all-time favorite way to celebrate and it’s simply loving on others. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just about romantic love. Instead of focusing on St. Valentine, we started focusing on spoiling others around us. This can be bringing your neighbor dinner, buying your grandmother roses, or loving on someone you know may be celebrating alone and make them feel special. Additionally, we want to teach our kids to serve others in the community.

When we make Valentine’s day about us and what we’re getting, we usually feel empty and the holiday typically turns into a complete dud. But, when we choose to love on others, we all win. This isn’t to say you can’t show some special attention to each other, which we still do, but instead, our main focus is on those outside.

Mark 12:31 says to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus also says it is His second greatest commandment besides loving Him first. Instead of spending a fortune on a five course meal and overpriced roses, spread love to those around you. It’s the best Valentine’s day gift you’ll ever get. I promise.


In addition to our Valentine’s tradition, I wanted to share some easy Valentine’s day looks with you. I paired my favorite blush cardigan with a babydoll top, jeans and booties for the day and this super cute Kestan linen blend dress with ultra chic suede pointed toe heels for a night look with the same cardigan. Super simple and comfortable for whatever your day may hold.

You can check out the details for my DRESS here, and my SHOES here and shop the rest of my look at the bottom of this post. Happy Valentine’s Day planning!

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