That’s right! We are so blessed and thankful for the gift of another sweet baby. Cove is finally coming around to the idea that the baby is in my belly and not his, but it was pretty cute for him to lift up his shirt and point to his stomach when we asked ‘where the baby is?’

I guess you could say it was a bit of a surprise, but an answer to prayers too. I won’t go into the long of it, but I had some health issues that led me to believe it wasn’t in the cards for a while. We had both come to a place where we were fine with waiting and knew that God’s plan was ultimately and always better than our own. A few short months later I had a gut feeling and ran to the store to take a pregnancy test which ended up being positive. Cove and I both got to surprise Ian who was so excited. It has all been so wonderful and we are so excited to meet him or her in March! It has been quite a different pregnancy than my last, and I now truly understand what morning sickness is, but I am so grateful for that little babe growing. We would love and appreciate your prayers for our family as we grow!

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