I’ve been itching to share this all with everyone for so long! Today we’ve officially launched The Southern Trunk shop, along with a nice little site upgrade! We’ve been dreaming and working on this space for months, and are so happy to finally share it with everyone.

When I was a little kid, instead of playing with Barbies and other toys, I begged my mom for a sketch book. I started designing clothing and outfits. Going into middle school, my parents bought me my first sewing machine so I could make the clothing I had designed. One problem. I failed miserably. I had zero patience and ended up only making a few pillows and a floral skirt. But despite failure back then, I knew that I wanted to use that same creativity and heart for design in a career one day.

Fast forward about 10 years to 2014, Ian and I launched TST as a lifestyle blog and place to share our photography. We both knew then that when we started, we eventually would love to open a shop. That didn’t happen initially due to life and other obligations, but this past year we really sought to make that dream a reality. Our goal for the TST brand has and will always be to inspire people and make them feel at home. We hope our products do just that as people wear them and have them in their homes.

We’ve curated apparel and prints from real life experiences, travel and things that our close to our heart. Each piece you find in the shop has a significant meaning to us whether it’s a print from a trip we’ve taken to San Diego or Joshua Tree, or our love to support Locals and eat as many Tacos as possible. You can shop all of our products here.

Thank you so much for all your support, kind words and for walking along this journey with us. It means the world to us! xx



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