I haven’t started packing my hospital bag yet, but I have been thinking about how I’m going to cram stuff for a toddler and baby into ONE bag. I felt like I carried way more than I needed to with Cove as a newborn, but I was always so worried I wasn’t going to have something.

This time around I am grateful to be a little bit more laid back and more minimalistic in what we actually need. I have to say, out of the many different bags I’ve carried over the past 2 years, Fawn Design is my absolute favorite. The material is buttery soft, it’s large enough so things aren’t bursting at the seams and it’s lightweight, while still holding its figure.

Essentials are different for everyone, so this list is probably just something helpful to get an idea. Each baby has different needs, wants, etc.

For the Babe

  • Diapers & Wipes + Bag – I try to only pack 2-4 diapers a day, depending on how long we’re going to be out, with a smaller container of wipes. I usually keep all of this, plus a munchkin trash bag, in a ziplock bag so it’s easy to pull out and keep together. I also keep Diapers and a larger bag of wipes in a bag in our car, so that I don’t have to carry them all in my bag, and we have spares for those days that it seems like there are more accidents than we ever thought possible.
  • One-Piece Outfit – While your babe is small, a one-piece keeps you from having to worry about whether you remembered a whole outfit or not. I like the ones with long sleeves and pants or little rompers in the summer.
  • Aquaphor – This is what works best for us when it comes to diaper rashes, dry skin, etc. Since it works for so many different things, it keeps us from having to lug a bunch of different products around.
  • Wildbird Sling – One of the easiest carriers I’ve ever used.
  • Milk Snob Cover – The BEST car seat, nursing and shopping cart cover, and it can even be used as a blanket. My favorite thing about it was keeping germs away from the baby when they were in the car seat. You don’t have anyone reaching in trying to touch.
  • Swaddle – I think these are just so useful to have on hand. Cover your babe up, use as a backup burp cloth or somewhere to lay them on when you’re out and don’t want them on the ground. So many uses and lightweight to carry in the bag. Love this one above from Clementine Kids.
  • Gathre Mat – I plan on using this for both Cove and the baby. The small mats are so useful for changing pads and easy to wipe off. Plus, my friend Dani taught me the best trick. We will bring a small container of playdough when we go out to eat and use it on the Gathre mat so Cove has something to do after he finishes eating. Or if he’s coloring, we don’t have to worry about it getting all over the table.
  • Bottle and Formula Packets

For the Toddler

  • Small Water Bottle and Snacks – If we’re going to be out for more than a quick car ride, I always like to carry water. I usually carry all of this in a large ziplock bag in case anything explodes or leaks.
  • Toys – We always have squishy animals, playdough or the Melissa & Doug water art set in the bag so that he has activities if we’re out. I try to rotate these things out so he doesn’t get bored with them.
  • *I don’t usually keep clothes for him in my bag. I do keep a spare set in the back of the car in case of big accidents.

For Me

  • Wallet
  • Oil Roller Balls – Usually lavender, Onguard, and TerraShield during the warmer seasons.
  • Lipstick & Comb


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