As you probably know, we don’t get a lot of snow in Georgia. And a lot of the time, we end up turning our pajamas inside out for a cold day with no precipitation. This year, snowpocalypse hit the south and we weren’t expecting it. My stomach was in my throat for about three hours as I attempted to drive home on the icy roads. I ended up pulling off the road and walking two miles to get home. Ian’s commute is about 50 minutes, but this day, it took him 7.5 hours to get home. We were extremely lucky compared to others. Some children were stranded at schools and on buses while others abandoned their cars and walked miles to find shelter. Hotels were completely booked and many people spent the night in their offices without food or warmth.

But, what was a very terrible experience, was also a very beautiful one. Hundreds of citizens opened their homes for those who were in need. On the road by my parent’s house, people lined the streets handing out spaghetti and hot chocolate to travelers walking home. Men with four wheelers went back and forth from the schools, picking up children and bringing them back to their homes. It was incredible to see that love still won despite the circumstance.

After things started to calm down and people were able to get home, Ian and I were able to enjoy the snow.

01 Snowcalypse 36

01 Snowcalypse 26

01 Snowcalypse 23

01 Snowcalypse 21

01 Snowcalypse 17

01 Snowcalypse 16

01 Snowcalypse 10

01 Snowcalypse 2

01 Snowcalypse 1 (1)

The snow was just so enthralling as it coated everything around us. While it may be bitterly cold, it brings out so much beauty, just as this storm did to Georgia.

I am very proud of the community around us and how the great people of the south served and sacrificed in the midst of terrible time.

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