I hope you aren’t tired of Canada pics yet, because I have so many more exciting places to share with you all.

After spending some time in Whistler, which you can read about here, we headed east down the Trans Canada Highway for a pretty amazing road trip to Canmore/Banff. We drove about 19 hours in the course of two days with tons of stopping for pictures, lunch and stretching our legs. I will be completely real with you though, road trips with toddlers are tough. We brought lots of snacks, games and pulled out the iPad pretty frequently. Even though it was tough, the views we’re so worth it. We were lucky enough to have our rental car upgraded to a larger SUV, which made for an incredibly spacious and comfortable ride. And even better, it didn’t have me as nervous when we we’re driving through some of the snow and crazy curves… It didn’t take much for Ian to throw the car into four-wheel drive… The scarier the driving environment, the more excited / adventurous he gets!

On our first day driving through British Columbia we stopped by a local grocery store and picked up some food for a picnic and kept driving until we hit some Indian Reserves where we pulled off and ate. There were views to die for everywhere. I loved all the tiny towns we drove through, mountains surrounding us on all sides and seeing kids ride their bikes down the main streets. We spent the night in the cutest little town called Revelstoke, where we a had some amazing tacos and rested up for the next day or driving. The next morning, we hit the road bright and early and headed towards Rogers Pass. On our way there in started snowing, heavily. It was pretty magical and we all jumped out of our cars to dance and play in the snow. We couldn’t see the views of Rogers Pass that well, but the snow was so much fun to drive through. It continued to snow off and on all day, and as we made our way towards Banff, we decided to stop off at Lake Louise to see what it looked like covered in snow.

I was initially pretty bummed a week before the trip because most of the lakes I was really excited to see where still frozen due to an abnormally cold winter for Canada last year. But Ian and my mom reminded me how awesome it was that we got to see and experience the lakes unlike most people do when they are melted all the way or frozen all the way.

As we drove into Banff, a snow storm hit and we were one of maybe five other people at Lake Louise (which is not normal at all. It’s usually jam packed). It was absolutely beautiful. My favorite was seeing the bright red canoes covered in white snow and the Fairmont Lake Louise covered in a white dust with the mountains surrounding it. Cove was really loving the snow until his hands got cold. Surprisingly, he would laugh every time it would hit him in the face. After playing in the snow for a bit and taking in the beauty of the lake covered in fresh snow, we headed to our condo. The snow storm hit pretty hard after that and we didn’t want to get stuck in it.

I think that random snow storm was one of our favorite parts of the trip. It caught us so off guard and was something we never planned on experiencing, and maybe that’s why we loved it so much.

Driving through the Canadian Rockies was definitely a bucket list item for us, just like driving the California Coast, and I won’t ever forget it. I don’t know that I’ve ever just stared and said “WOW!” so much in one car ride. For any of you on the fence and waiting to pull the trigger to go to Canada or the Canadian Rockies, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to share with you more on what we did once we got to Banff! Until then, I hope you all have a great week!

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