Last week, Georgia experienced Snow Storm Benji out of nowhere. What was supposed to be a light dusting ended up being a twelve inches of snow with thousands of power outages?

That morning, I had gone to take my glucose test and in the middle of my appointment, I heard people talking about how it was starting to stick and they were thinking about closing the office early. I made it home just in time and later that day Ian, was able to wrap up and enjoy the snow with us. Ian built a snowman taller than him, and we had fun running through the snow and catching snowflakes on our tongues.

Our power ended up going out and staying out for almost 24 hours off and on, and we learned a lot about staying warm without electricity. Overall, it was a great weekend at home wearing our pajamas and cooking everything on our little gas stove.

I am definitely more of a sunshine and beach person, but snow every once in a while is just so beautiful. Plus, the fact it came right at Christmas made it even more special and magical! We haven’t had this much snow since the blizzard of 1993 so it was a treat.

I told Ian before I went outside that this sweater reminded me of snowflakes, so I thought it would be so fun to wear with a little pom beanie. I’ve really been into monochromatic outfits lately and this is probably not the last time you will see me in one. You can check out all the details before.

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